I felt like a change, so I decided to add a little pink to my the ends of my hair. I really love the color pink but I actually don’t own any pink items of clothing. Pink usually makes an appearance in my beauty box; lipstick, nail polish etc. And I felt like the summer is the time to try out some fun unconventional trends, why not right?

Zara Silk Pants
Ebay find Off the shoulder top
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Poshmark find Taupe handbag
Vintage Scarf

Photos by Sara

By far my favorite part of this crazy and unexpected blogging ride is getting the opportunity to meet and connect with passionate, creative, like minded people. I have met so many inspiring entrepreneurs over the past few years, one of them is Katie Schloss of Three Jane NY.

Katie held a beautiful, intimate dinner where guests were introduced to Katie herself and her jewelry. Katie struck me as smart and genuine as soon as we started talking at the dinner table. You can tell Katie really cares about her thoughtful products and the people she makes them for.

Her star product is her “Map Necklace”, a totally lovely concept of being able to always have a location dear to your heart around your neck. Katie can take any mapped location and engrave it onto the sweetest gold plate charm with a little diamond marking the exact special spot on your map; our home address, where you fell in love,  where you grew up, etc.

My map necklace is double sided, one side has the location of my home in Cape Town, South Africa and the other side is the location of where I lived in London with my best friend Joseph. It is so special to be able to have maps of the 2 cities that shaped me around my neck at all times.

I want to say a big thank you to Katie and Three Jane for my Map Necklace, I will treasure it forever.

Follow Three Jane on Twitter & Instagram to stay in the loop with all their exciting new products coming out.

I was stopped in my tracks when I happened upon these mesmerizing table designs by Greg Klassen. Glass is used to make flowing river like shapes in the beautiful natural wood. Visit Klassen’s website to see all of his amazing crafted designs.

I try to marry the natural beauty of the wood with the skilled craftsmanship of the maker. When the two come together, a piece can really sing!” – Greg Klassen

Images via BoredPanda.

SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE PEOPLE! With each new season, a few new loved items stand out to me as my new summer essentials. And I am so happy to wear them over and over, in a multitude of ways.

I usually don’t wear hats, because I feel lost on how to style them. But that all changed when I got my Ecua-Andino panama hat. It is a timeless classic that looks good with jeans, dresses and even pool/ beach gear. I have gotten so many compliments while wearing it, I might have turned me into a hat girl? Plus it protects your face from harmful rays and that is a huge bonus!

Les Nereides Jewelry
After oversized statement costume jewelry was so massive last summer, this year I am finding myself drawn to more refined pretty delicate pieces. But delicate jewelry can make a statement too. What makes Les Nereides stand out is their incredible whimsical designs and expert French craftsmanship. This necklace I am wearing is a double stranded beauty laden with twinkling stars and the pendant has two lovers and the Eiffel tower on it. It makes me dream of Paris every time I wear it, which is often.

Flared Jeans
Sick of skinny jeans and seeking a new silhouette for my denim, I branched out tried some flares! Crazy huh? I am surprised how easily they have fitted into my wardrobe/ life. These are medium rise, lightweight indigo denim ones from Joe’s Jeans.  I am so into the 1970s vibe they give off.

What are your summer essentials for 2014? Let me know in a comment bellow!

Photos by Sara

Summer is here and all I want is to wear pretty maxi dresses and for my hair to permanently look like I may or may not be on a beach vacation. You know, that perfect relaxed beachy wave. Hair that looks naturally bouncy, when you in actual fact slaved over it infront of the bathroom mirror… Well I have got it down to a fine art, 15mins and I am done! It may seem simple or obvious to some but for a thick but frizzy straight haired gal like me, I need to do these exact steps or I end up with Shirley Temple pageant ringlets or curls that fall out after an hour.

Its not magic that produces these waves, but close to it, the GHD styler. GHD is one of those brands that I will be brand loyal to for life, purely for their excellent quality and premier design. I got my first GHD styler 6 years ago, and I have only just this year moved onto a new one, the insanely gorgeous GHD Wonderland 1″ Styler. It shines in a spectrum of blues, purples and greens with a pretty iridescent glow.

Click more to see a step by step guide!

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As someone that counts, “Black is the new black” as one of her style mottos, its no surprise I wear black all year round. In the warmer months black pieces with cut outs are ideal to keeping you from overheating. I have been on the lookout for a simple black maxi dress with an open back for a while now, something that could be dressed up and down easily. I think this number fits the bill.

SheInside Black Maxi Dress c/o
Three Jane Map Necklace c/o
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Vintage White Bag

Photos by Sara

I love gel manicures as much as the next girl, the comfort in knowing your mani will not chip in the next 24 hours, not having to worry about re doing your polish for weeks. But the downside of the cost, having to get it done professionally and the dreaded damaging process of removing the gel polish usually stops me from getting a gel manicure.

I was very excited to try the Butter London Patent Gel Coat Top & Tails, as I have tried other brands at home gel polishes and they never lasted as long as promised. What makes the Butter London polish work, I think is that it has an added step, its own gel base coat. First you put the base coat, then any color or brand nail polish you want (I did see the best results with Butter London Nail Laquer) and then you top it off with their base coat and let it dry normally. My at home mani lasted for over a week, with no chips! Thats unheard of for me!

Ive been wearing this gorgeous delicate coin necklace non-stop since getting it from my fave jewelry boutique She’s Unique (see last post). It’s by Phillis + Rosie, a brand with a effortlessly cool, polished rock’n'roll vibe. This long piece can be worn a multitude of ways, it is perfect for layering or can be doubled up as a shorter necklace or even wrapped around a wrist as a pretty bracelet. Another new little thing I cant stop wearing is this darling 2 tone bag by Rovimoss. Rovimoss bags are high quality soft leather wonders that celebs like Olivia Wilde and Kirsten Bell are obsessed with too. This cutie pie mini cross body is perfect to take from day to night. The bag comes in a range of class and fun colors, check them all out here.

Phillis + Rosie coin necklace
Rovimoss Crossbody
Haute Hippy Silk top
Emitations Eye Necklace
ZeroUV Sunglasses

Photos by Sara

There was never a store more aptly named than, She’s Unique. Owned by my beautiful, smart and soulful friend Katya. Katya is a constant inspiration to me, not just in fashion but we have had countless long talks about life and love as well as many crazy nights on the dance floor. I wanted to share some photos that I took when last at her store during the store’s second anniversary. The store is an absolute GEM! It is located in Old Town, Alexandria and I am giving you fair warning.. You will want to buy all the pretty things!

You can check out She’s Uniques Facebook page here for more details. And follow the store on Instagram too!



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