The weather has been all over the place over the last week or two, but this weekend was the first really chilly fall weekend. Its really fall now, you can spot a pumpkin on every corner, the leaves are turning glorious shades of gold and the smell of hot sider is in the night air. Some are sad to see the warm days of summer go, but personally I love colder weather. Perhaps it’s because I am from South Africa, where we dont get real winter. Perhaps its because I love outerwear.. I think it might be a mix of both.

As far as coat collections go, every lady needs a chic black coat in her closet. I found the perfect one from It’s called “The Tall Order Coat” and its great to just throw over any fall outfit. I am so happy to have found a sleek silhouette black coat I can wear while running around in the day and also to dinner. The lovely faux fur collar and luxe gold zips add the perfect special touches.

Photos by Natalie

I have to admit I am a little late on the overalls “trend”, when they were huge in the market last year I never even tried a single pair on. I just did not think they would work on me. But when I saw these black denim ones in Zara the other day, I decided to give them a try. And by give them a try I mean send my best friends many photos from the changing room and then buying them but keeping the receipt (everyone does that right?). Shout out to my friends who help me make extremely crucial shopping decisions!

PS. I just noticed the Zara ones are nearly sold out! Here are some other options from RAG & BONE and LEVI’S.

So, it turns out I love these overalls. They are so comfortable and surprisingly easy to wear. I wore them all day running around to meetings in Soho and then to an event at night. Plus I think they will look cool with cosy sweaters when it gets colder too. Totally open to styling suggestions, how do you style overalls?

XO Cheralee

Photos by Charlotte

On Monday’s I always start my day off with looking at pretty things to give me some inspiration for the week. This weeks inspiration comes from 12POLE,an amazing jewelry brand by Chelsea Newman. I had the pleasure of being decked out in 12POLE for New York Fashion Week (see my hand dripping in awesomess in picture above).

Chelsea’s jewelry pays homage to simplicity and natural beauty, inspired by Appalachia the jewelry is all created with simple shapes and lines. Her handmade pieces are just the right amount of rustic and I love the rock ‘n’roll mixed metals look all layered together. Check 12POLE on Etsy here and follow the on Insatgram here - besides kick ass jewels, Chelsea posts alot of puppy pics! Whats not to love?

XO Cheralee 

It’s a pretty big deal to say you are an expert on something. I can safely say, with my many years of experience, I am an expert on black skinny jeans. There is nothing I enjoy wearing more than a pair of good, confidence boosting, black skinny jeans.

I have tried so many pairs of skinnies over the years as I am always in search of the perfect pair. I was really excited to try DL1961’s advanced “Instasculpt” jeans that promise to instantly elongate, tone and lift your legs and butt. I have to admit I definitely felt more “uplifted” when I tried on the jeans. To test them out I wore them all day running around and then all night. They held up seamlessly and I received a few compliments on not only the jeans but my shape. A friend even asked me if I had started doing pilates at the gym (I actually haven’t been to the gym in about 2 months- but lets not get into that). Bottom line these DL1961 jeans are comfy as hell, and they are made from such good quality durable denim that I know I will be wearing them through fall and winter. 

DL1961 is offering readers 15% off their amazing jeans from Oct 2 – Oct 16 with the discount code: DLDENIM15. You can visit their online store here and follow them on Instagram here. Happy jeans shopping, let me know which ones you choose!

Photos by Tammy

My coffee addiction is getting a little out of hand. I drink far too many cups a day, 7 days a week. And when in New York, I feel like my caffeine intake doubles. It is the city that never sleeps, right? This particular coffee break was with my loves Natalie and Charlotte while taking a stroll in Chelsea, soaking up the last days of sunshine. Nothing better than taking aimless strolls down pretty streets with good friends, sipping coffee in a to-go cup.

Levis High Rise Skinny Jeans
F21 white top
Handbag via Poshmark
Kendra Scott Ring

Photos by Charlotte 

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week. It has been such a crazy year so far, with so many big life changes and I am more grateful than ever for the friends who have stuck by my side. Some big things are in the works at the moment and it is exciting and scary, just how life should be! I am so ready for a new chapter now that I am a quarter of a century (eeek). Thank you to everyone who has supported me and this blog along the way, I love ya!


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