I had the pleasure of shooting the cutest sisters in the world, Natalie and Erika of “The Fashionably Broke” for South Moon Under. Somehow we made central DC look kinda like a festival playground, it helped that they were dressed head to toe in cool festival worthy gear. The girls are off to rep SMU at Coachella. I am so jealous as I am dying to experience Coachella but cant attend this year. But I will be following along the adventures of these two stylish trouble makers on their blog and instagram @thefashionablybroke, you should too! Visit their blog for all the pics from the shoot and more details.

I fell for my beautiful cobalt blue Urbanears headphones the second I plugged them in. They really feel more like an accessory that plays music than just plain old earphones. They add the perfect pop of color I need sometimes and seriously brighten up my daily commute with their superior sound. They are also perfect for travel, they were just my perfect companion for watching movies on the train, and will be coming to Miami with me tomorrow!

Urbanears make a range of out of the world pretty colors, check out the gallery of rainbow options here. I love the lilac and coral shades, so gorgeous for summer listening! You can also follow Urbanears on Instagram @urbanears.

I don’t know if its just me, but a wave of anxiety waves over me just before I hit “purchase” when buying plane tickets. But then after, there is nothing better than the feeling of spending hard earned cash on traveling. For it is the only thing that really makes us richer. I am so excited to say I am off to Miami tomorrow with my dear friend Ali to see other wonderful friend Jessica who lives down there in paradise. Right now I am shoving every brightly colored and tropical printed item of clothing I have in my suitcase, get me to the beach!

If anyone has any Miami recommendations please send them my way! Or tweet me at @cheraleelyle. I love hearing peoples favorite spots to eat, drink and shop! Xo

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I laughed the other day when a friend said, “do you sleep in black and gold pajamas too?” Because I actually have the cutest black PJs with little gold diamonds printed on them. Wearing black and gold is my fail safe combo, easy to throw on and ready for whatever my day and night brings. I’m sure when the weather warms up I will start wearing more color… maybe.

This weeks favorites
Oia Jules delicate necklace; I haven’t taken it off since it arrives, the perfect dainty jewel to wear everyday. I also love this pretty one.
Butter London nail laquer; you cant beat this beaut red/ orange pigment, and so much shine!
Too Faced blush; I have the glowing “sweet pink” shade, just the touch of warmth face needs and lasts all day.

BB Dakota dress via Lulu’s 
Ivanka Trump knee high boots
Zara bag (last season)
ZeroUV sunnies
Moschino belt via Alina

I have to admit something, I have never been one to really care about what cover was on my phone. I usually just bought the cheapest one I could find on Ebay from China that took 7-10 weeks to arrive or I used whatever penguin shaped iphone case my friend Josh didnt want anymore. I simply didn’t think about what was covering my phone… which is totally insane because lets be honest, our phones are our lives. You want to protect it from smashing on the ground if dropped, plus you want it to look as good as an accessory, because it is basically an accessory as it is in your hand most of the day- an accessory that happens to make calls and checks emails, Facebook and Twitter.

I received this insanely gold and sparkly iPhone case from the best phone case brand out there, Case-Mate. It easily the fanciest and prettiest case I have ever had and its proven to be a conversation starter, as it catches the light where ever I go. I have received so many compliments on it by friends and strangers. I am officially into stylishly protecting my phone. Case closed. (no pun intended)

You can shop Case-Mate cases on their site here. Click to see my favorites from Case-Mate, which one should I get next?

Decisions… Decisions…

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When is cold and dreary what you gotta do is just pile on all your favorite things and you will be so happy you will forget you cant feel your fingers! – Great plan! Some current faves of mine is this sequin bomber from the terribly cool brand I am newly obsessed with, Line & Dot. Its just the right amount of matte sequin action for day or night. Another favorite of the moment, this insane gold sharks tooth necklace from Oia Jules! Have you ever seen something so badass? I have been wearing it non stop, I wore it out on Friday night with a simple black tee and it proved to be the ultimate conversation piece. Then I gotta mention the aptly named “Love” right from Emitations. I have been looking for the right little ring with the word “Love” on it for so long. When I saw this one with its pretty curly writing in delicate gold, I knew it was to be! And of course, no outfit of mine is complete with some fresh ZeroUV sunnies, loving these vintage feel black and gold ones!

PS. Shout out to my always inspiring and stylish friend Monica who lent me this beautiful blue scarf. Wearing it is like wrapping yourself in a big blue knitted hug. Thanks girl! xo

Line & Dot sequin bomber
Oia Jules gold sharks tooth necklace
Emitations “Love” ring
American Apparel sweater
Philip Lim for Target tote

Photos by Carlis

My new solution to dreary winter weather (that just wont quit. Seriously, more snow today??) is metallics! I am still saving bright colors for when the sun decides to surface, but do greatly appreciate the people rocking colorful coats around town. I found this skirt at a darling vintage store in New Orleans called The Revival Outpost, you must visit it if you are in town. Wearing gold fabric reflected the little lit of sunshine that was out and at least gave the illusion of warmth.

As you can tell, I am sick of the cold weather. As a kid of South Africa I was SO EXCITED for my first real winters moving here. I had never bought a real coat before, let alone thermal gloves and snow boots. And I never thought I would say this but, take back the snow and give me the sun! My bestie Alina wrote a hilarious recap on why winter sucks, read it here.

H&M coat
Revival Outpost gold skirt
ZeroUV sunglasses
Vintage Sweater
Peruvian Collection bag
Zara boots

*Also, sidenote: At fashion week, while waiting in line for a show I overheard 2 bloggers with pretty big followings discussing how they could “never” wear an item of clothing, pair of shoes or accessory twice on their blog (Unless Valentino or Celine, duh). I see what they are saying, and bloggers these days get a lot of free and sponsored items  so I am sure it isn’t even that difficult. But isn’t that a bit silly, and taking away from the fact that their blogs are meant to showcase their true personal everyday style. Real people wear things wear things more than once. Anyway, just asking what people really think about this? Does anyone care?

Photos by Nathan Clark


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