Last month my good friend, Natalie of The Fashionably Broke and I got a sweet surprise of a mimosa starter kit from the lovely ladies of Bitches Who Brunch and Klink (the genius alcohol delivery app). We decided to stay in for brunch at Nat’s adorable apartment and she said she can “quickly whip something up”. Well, to say I was impressed would be an understatement, in minutes she had fresh fruit chopped, coffee brewing and breakfast bites cooking. The at home brunch was topped off with the cutest tableware and the yummy Tangerine mimosas from Klink. Since Nat pulled this off in record time (seriously there was no planning here, this was not a blogger styled food shoot!) I asked her to give us her top “at home brunching” tips!



1.  Start with a fresh fruit bowl.  Fruit requires no actual cooking, which might be the best part.  It’s also always a real crowd-pleaser, because who doesn’t love fresh fruit in the morning.  Plus it looks super pretty on the table!  I love to mix up a berry-bowl made with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries presented in a white bowl.

2.  Set brunch up “buffet style.”  Use large serving platters and bowls to arrange all of the food in the center of the table so that way your guests can help themselves to as much or as little food as they want.  This also makes it easier on you as the host, not having to arrange food on each separate plate or worrying about someone’s food getting cold while you’re plating.  Don’t forget to leave out some small plates for your guests to serve their brunch on to.  I have fun finding ones with cute, decorative designs on them and don’t be afraid to mix and match!

3.  Make Coffee!  Don’t assume your guests had time to have coffee before they came over and have a hot pot ready upon their arrival.  Just like the food, I sit the pot out with coffee cups for guests to help themselves to.  Don’t forget the milk, cream and sugar and a set of tiny mixing spoons!

4.  Make a run to HomeGoods and find some cute serving pieces.  My most recent favorite find was a little milk pourer that was in the shape of a cow.  He brings such personality to the table! (Yes, he’s a “he.”)  Another fun place to look for unique serving pieces are vintage stores, so I check those out from time to time as well.

5.  Fresh flowers are a must!  I like to buy one or two bouquets and break them up into smaller bouquets, arranged in small vases, spread out around the table(s).  They add so much to the ambiance and just put me, and hopefully my guests too, in a good mood in the morning.

If you dont follow Nat already on Instagram (you’re crazy), follow her and her sister Erika here. And follow Bitches Who Brunch here.

If you like an extra shot of cuteness with your coffee you will LOVE Bedford Baking Studio. Alice and I stumbled upon it while I was showing her around Williamsburg Brooklyn a few weeks ago. We got ice coffees and a few sweet treats, they have many gluten free things to snack on including a really good quinoa medley. Grab a coffee to go and enjoy it on the adorable bench outside, a prime people watching spot.

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OK, its getting cold. Not just a little chilly, actually cold and windy. To deal I have a few things I treat as urban armor that I wear daily keep the chill at bay, a warm cardigan or sweater (preferably in a shade of grey), a faux fur scarf to add a little glam to the regular week day and of course a black biker jacket to top it all off. Also, side note I have been really into the grey + navy color combo lately. Natalie found me this chic little cross-body while she was shopping at TJ Maxx, what a good friend right? It was $19! What a steal! Navy is such a good color to add to an outfit when you want an alternative to black but still want to keep a dark color palette. Bring on the navy!

H&M Biker Jacker
Ellen Tracy Cardigan
Faux Fur Collar found at Marshalls
TJ Maxx Cross-body Bag
Cole Haan Chelsea Boots

Photos by Julien

Just a really quick post to sing the praises from my new white grid print coat from ShopPiin! The check/ grid print is definitely the print of the season. I’m really into all variations of this print and find it a nice alternative to plaid. And you know how much I love plaid! This gorgeous coat is actually on sale right now, check it out here.

Thanks to ShopPiin for hooking me up!
XO Cheralee 

Australian brands are just killing it right now. I am loving the fashion forward sleek designs coming out from brands like Finders Keepers, Cameo & Keepsake. The cuts are just so flattering and the prints are hella cool. If you are wondering where you can buy these brands collections you can find them all on Fashion Bunker. I actually just saw that they are having a 20% sale so get on it!

Outfit Details 
Finders Keepers bustier
H&M Skinny Pants
H&M Biker Jacket

Photos by Charlotte of Winston & Willow


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